Online Dating Safety Tips

Our members’ safety is paramount, and we want to encourage users to stay vigilant on the Fox Hunters Club and any other dating app they may frequent. We are doing our part by requiring users to be over 18, enabling users to block and report offensive content and persons, forbidding solicitation, trafficking, and other acts prohibited in our Terms of Use. However, members are ultimately responsible for their interactions with other members. Here are some practices to promote a more secure and positive experience online:

Sharing personal info

  • Get to know someone via the in-app chat feature before giving out your phone number or other personal information. Be particularly careful about giving out your addresses (home and work), and never give out your card/bank info or Social Security Number. Only provide personal details when you feel comfortable. We encourage users to spend time talking via phone or video call before meeting in person as well.
  • Personal info includes your photos too! If you have the same photos in a dating app that you have on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., then it is easy for someone to do a reverse image search and find out personal details that you may not be ready to share. Consider using different photos on your dating profile than you already have online.

Meeting in person

  • Look up your date online before meeting with them. Google their name and other info to validate information you already received and find out more about who they are.
  • If you decide to meet in person, meet in a public area such as a restaurant or coffee shop. You should not go to someone’s home or hotel during an initial meet, and you should not invite them to your private residence.
  • If you are drinking during your date, never leave your drink unattended.
  • Let a friend know where you are going, and who you are going out with.
  • Take your own transportation to meet someone for the first time. Politely decline a request for someone to pick you up or drop you off, and have a way to get back home on your own at the end of the date.

When exposed to bad or suspicious behavior

  • Unacceptable behavior or photos should be reported within the app or via email to [email protected]. Both images and individuals can be blocked and reported within the app.
  • If you are suspicious of someone’s intentions or feel they are misrepresenting themselves, you can block and/or report them. You should not give out personal information to someone that you are unsure of, and you should exercise caution if you decide to continue the interaction.
  • Deny requests for money or gifts, and report these individuals promptly. This is not a sugar baby app!
  • If you think you’ve been the victim of a romance scam, you can report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. You can also file a complaint with the FTC or, if the scam was initiated by a phone call or text message, you can file a complaint with the FCC.